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12V Fridges

Portable 12V fridges are a must have for any serious tourer - whether it be in a car, caravan, motorhome, 5th wheeler or truck. They give the ability to keep your food and drinks cool no matter where you go.

Designed to run from a cigarette lighter socket in your car or truck, these portable fridges are truly versatile and incredibly simple to use.

Better than an esky! No need for ice or ice-packs, which means less preparation and more space inside the fridge!

Most 12V fridges can operate as either a fridge or freezer. Some have multiple compartments, and some even have the ability to run one area as a fridge and another compartment as a freezer.

12V Technology - Compressors

Most good quality 12 volt fridges use a compressor for the cooling mechanism - using the same principles as a normal household fridge. Engel brand fridges have been developed on a special type of compressor known as a "swing motor" which has just one moving part, and makes it ideal for off-road use.

Camping Fridges

"Camping fridges" is the common name for "Absorption Fridges", "3-Way Fridges" or "Gas Fridges". Many people know these by the famous brand "Chescold" (which is now owned by Dometic).

The 3-way name refers to the fridge's ability to run from any of three power sources:

  • 240V AC mains power - just plug it into a power point
  • 12V DC battery power - plug it into a car's cigarette lighter socket
  • LP Gas (LPG) - runs from a gas bottle with no batteries or other power source required


Chest Fridge Design

The chest design of most portable fridges is a practical evolution from the standard esky, giving good usable space within compact outer dimensions.

3-Way Technology - Absorption

The technology of a 3-way fridge is very different to a compressor fridge. The 3-way fridge uses a heat source (an element in the case of 12V or 240V, and a flame when running on gas) to heat a liquid/gas combination which then travels through pipework to extract heat from the cooling chamber. A compressor type fridge has a motor which runs the compressor. There is a larger comparison of 3-way fridges VS 12v fridges here. The main differences are:

  • 3-way fridges are SILENT. Compressor fridges make a small amount of noise when the compressor is running.
  • 12 volt fridges operate more efficiently than 3-way fridges in high heat. 3-way fridges tend to be able to cool to -30°C below ambient temperature whereas 12V fridges can normally cool up to -50°C below ambient.
  • 12v portable fridges require a battery and sometimes a charging system (e.g. mains power or solar) to keep the fridge running when away from a vehicle. This means you have to carry more gear.

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