• Waeco CR-1140 140L - Damaged Floor Stock Sell Out

    Save hundreds on our last remaining CR-1140 upright compressor fridges:

  • Bushman XD70 3-Way Fridge - Free Freight + Lowest Price Guarantee

    HUGE SAVINGS ON BUSHMAN XD70. Click here for latest price where you can save hundreds!

    The BUSHMAN XD70 3-way (gas/12v/240v) fridge has arrived!

    This MASSIVE 3-way fridge gives you a real alternative for a spacious portable fridge, without the requirements of batteries or solar panels. A popular option for people who are want the go-anywhere features of the absorption gas fridge system (like the Dometic F400, Chescold RC1600 etc) but need something that next size up!


    Featuring a powder coated steel cabinet and a tropical T rating, this fridge operates in high ambient temperatures, and consumes less than 300g of gas per 24 hours. That means a 9kg bottle will run the fridge for over 4 weeks - no other power source required!

    Check out the full details on the BUSHMAN XD70 portable fridge here.

  • Engel MT60FP Now Back in Stock

    After a long wait, the Engel MT60FP is back in stock - ready for next big caravan, camping or 4WD adventure!

  • EvaKool Remove Warranty Servicing Requirements

    EvaKool have recently removed the servicing requirements on their 5 Year warranty that applied to many of their popular models, such as the RF Fibreglass series.

    Here's the official statement from EvaKool:

    "We also advise that with effect 1 February 2015 we are withdrawing the requirement for the aforementioned fridges to be serviced, after the initial 2 years of ownership, in order to maintain the warranty.

    In other words there is now no restriction on our market leading 5 warranty.

    Notwithstanding the above we strongly recommend that a portable fridge is regularly serviced, say every 12 to 24 months depending on the nature of its use .This will ensure the fridge maintains peak performance and reliability."

  • Win a $10,000 Camping Kit with Waeco

    It’s competition time! Your chance to win 1 of 15 camping kits up for grabs valued at $10,000 each.

    All you have to do is purchase any of the eligible WAECO or Dometic products and register online for your chance to win!

    Winners will receive a camping kit valued at $10,000 each. The 15 camping kits will each consist of: A pair of Venon Lights, Oz Tent Gift Voucher, Compact UHF CB with remote LCD mic & ScanSuite and a 477 MHz Antenna, Fox Wing (Rhino Rack), Honda 2.0 (generator place), Penn/Berkley Prize Pack, Cool-Ice WCI-70 icebox, Dometic Vacuum Sealer with rolls, Milenco towing mirrors, WAECO Reversing camera, WAECO Portable Solar Panels, WAECO Cool Power RAPS36 and more! Read the terms and conditions for detailed listing of prize pack.

    View the entry form.

    Entries open 1 June, 2014 and the competition closes 31 August, 2014. View competition terms and conditions.

  • Heartbleed SSL Update

    With the recent notice of widespread issues with the internet's implementation of the OpenSSL security algorithm, we are pleased to advise all of our website's security has been upgraded to the latest versions. The server has been upgraded on 7th April 2014, and the SSL certificates reissued on 9th April 2014.

    As we do not store sensitive information like customer's credit card details, you can be assured of your privacy, and security in purchasing from our online store.

  • New Site Running

  • Yamaha Generators QLD

    Looking for the best deals on Yamaha Generators in QLD?

    We offer overnight shipping of Yamaha Generators throughout QLD. Dispatched from Brisbane on a daily basis, you can get your Yamaha Generator as early as tomorrow.

  • Engel

    Engel is a well known brand of fridge in Australia. Engel have a number of models from 35L to 80L. Some are fridge OR freezer, some are fridge AND freezer known as combi model.

    Engel has the leading reputation for reliability in rough conditions. Engel are generally the highest price fridge.

    Engel fridges hold their value for resale exceptionally well.

    Engel is a brand of the Sawafuji motor company who designed the swing motor.

    Engel has been making and selling fridges for 50 years.

    Engel do not make their fridges in Australia - they are made in Taiwan.

  • Engel Fridge

    The Engel Fridge is one of Australia's post popular portable fridge. The Engel Fridge comes in a variety of sizes

    • Engel Fridge 35L - MT35
    • Engel Fridge 40L - MT45
    • Engel Fridge 60L - MT60
    • Engel Fridge 80L - MT80

    The Engel fridge features the Sawafuji swing compressor motor - which is quite a different design to the common Danfoss compressor. The Sawafuji design only has a single moving part which makes it more resistant to rough conditions like 4WDing.

    The Engel fridge was originally designed and manufactured in Japan by the Sawafuji motor company. But these days it is made in Taiwan.

    The Engel fridge is popular for camping, 4WDing, truck drivers and commercial uses.

    The reliability of the Engel fridge is unsurpassed in Australia, with plenty of owners having them for 30+ years.

    The Engel fridge is generally the most expensive on the market.

    The Engel fridge is an icon in Australia's outback, and some think it is an Australian design / company.

    The Engel fridge has the strongest construction of any portable fridge on the market. The next strongest would be the EvaKool fibreglass box.

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