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  • Choosing the right generator to power your air conditioner

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  • Bushman XD70 3-Way Fridge - Free Freight + Lowest Price Guarantee

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    The BUSHMAN XD70 3-way (gas/12v/240v) fridge has arrived!

    This MASSIVE 3-way fridge gives you a real alternative for a spacious portable fridge, without the requirements of batteries or solar panels. A popular option for people who are want the go-anywhere features of the absorption gas fridge system (like the Dometic F400, Chescold RC1600 etc) but need something that next size up!


    Featuring a powder coated steel cabinet and a tropical T rating, this fridge operates in high ambient temperatures, and consumes less than 300g of gas per 24 hours. That means a 9kg bottle will run the fridge for over 4 weeks - no other power source required!

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  • Bushman Fridges Online SC35-72

    We are now stocking the latest BUSHMAN portable fridges - the amazingly versatile SC35-52 compressor chest fridge, and the huge XD70 3-way gas absorption fridge!

    BUSHMAN - MAIN PHOTO 4-sizes-in-one

    The BUSHMAN SC35-52 is 4 fridges in one. The ingenious 3-part lid allows you to increase the size of the cooling compartment from 35 to 42, 45 and 52L!

    Featuring a wrap-around cooling element, powder-coated steel cabinet, digital temperature gauge, the BUSHMAN SC35-52 offers solid competition to the popular Engel units - such as the MT35, MT45 and MT60.

    The BUSHMAN currently comes with a TRANSIT BAG, and heavy duty TIE DOWN points as a bonus!

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  • Correction Notice

    The following has been published on the 4WD Action Magazine website;


    In issue 228 (January 2015) 4WD Action published the "2015 Fridge Comparo" article in which a number of 12V 4WD fridges were compared against various criteria, including their power consumption.

    The findings of the "Fridge Comparo" were based in part on test data provided by Vipac Engineers and Scientists Limited, the laboratory that conducted the independent testing of the fridges.

    Since publication it has been discovered that there was an error in the power consumption data provided to the magazine in respect of the Engel 40L fridge/freezer (MT45FP).

    Regrettably, as a result, the power consumption for the Engel model reported in the Comparo as being 956 watt hours per day, should in fact have been reported as being the lower figure of 34.42 amp hours per day.

    Vipac Engineers and Scientists Limited

    The following has been published on the Waeco website;

    Waeco has recently published comparative advertising material which stated that the Engel 40L fridge/freezer (MT45FP) consumed power at the rate of 80amp hours per day which was converted from a result of 956 watt hours per day published in Australian 4WD Action Issue #228.

    Waeco has since been advised by Vipac Engineers and Scientists Limited, the Laboratory that conducted the independent testing, that this result was incorrect, as the Engel 40L fridge/freezer only used 34.42 amp hours per day.

    Waeco apologizes unreservedly for publishing the incorrect information.

  • Engel MT45 Combi - Use large basket to give you single storage area

    The Engel MT45FCP Combi 40L fridge is a great versatile unit that comes with dual baskets as standard, and gives you one side as freezer, and one side as fridge. However, even with the divider out, you still end up with two baskets - and if you want to store larger items, it can be a bit frustrating. To solve this, you can purchase the standard inner basket from the Engel MT45FP.

    MT45FCP Combi with Single Basket Fitted MT45FCP Combi with Single Basket Fitted
    MT45FCP Combi with Dual Baskets MT45FCP Combi with Dual Baskets
  • Yamaha EF2000iS Generator - MASSIVE WEEKEND SALE!

    Save with on our weekend special on Yamaha EF2000i with and without Yamaha brand cover

    Yamaha EF2000iS Yamaha EF2000iS
  • Engel 60L Model Guide - Explanation of Differences

    There are 3 versions of the Engel MT60 60L unit as of Oct 2015

    • MT60FP ("Standard")- Single compartment, twin basket, run entire unit at one temperature as either a fridge OR a Freezer
    • MT60L "Legacy" - As above, just an army green colour, with camo coloured bag
    • MT60FCP "Combi" - Dual fixed compartments - one side is freezer (slightly smaller), other side is fridge. The freezer section has its own lid inside the main lid. There is a fan and other gadgetry installed between the two compartments to ensure even cooling at the differing temperatures.  (This is what makes the Engel "Combi" units remarkably different to other brands that have basic removable dividers).
    Engel 60L (Standard) (Single Compartment - Fridge OR Freezer)
    Engel 60L Legacy (Single Compartment - Fridge OR Freezer)


    Engel 60L Combi (Fixed Dual Compartment - Fridge AND Freezer)


    • All units have the digital temperature control settings. There is a single temperature setting - this applies to Combi, as well as Standard/Legacy models. In the Standard/Legacy models, the temperature on the display is what you are setting the entire compartment to. In the "Combi" unit, you are setting the temperature of the FREEZER, and the fridge section runs at approximate 8 deg warmer. Ie set temperature to -4 deg, and freezer will be -4 deg, and fridge will be +4 deg.
    • PROS/CONS: Combi has a fixed divider in the middle so you can't put really big fish in there, but allows you to keep meat etc frozen, while using other side as fridge.
    • POWER CONSUMPTION: The Combi unit will draw more power simply because you are running (part of) the unit at a lower temperature.
  • Yamaha Generator Oils and Running In / Break In

    There is a great, and comprehensive response to this common question at the Yamaha Generator Fan Club here:

    kroman, The temptation is to put a premium synthetic oil in it for the break-in, but you should NOT use a synthetic until the engine is broken in which is AFTER the 1st manufacturer recommended oil change time interval. If you use a Synthetic oil on day-1, it will delay/suspend the moving/rotating/sliding parts microscopic hone-in required for the break-in!

    For regular petroleum oil the newer rated oils, alphabetically beyond "SH" (as in SJ, SL, SM) had friction modifier (AKA "reduction") ingredients progressively removed from the ingredients because they were found to coat-n-clog the catalyst medium, damaging it's function. That's the main reason to use the Yamalube recommended for power equipment. You can get SH rated oils in straight weight, like 30HD (HighDetergent) in auto parts and HomeDepot type stores and sometimes multigrade (10W-40) in MotorCycle oils for bikes without a catalytic converter (Harley).

    To fill my EF2000iS or EF1000iS I use a funnel with the Genny tipped away from me by way of a length of 2 x 4 stud for a 2" rise under the open side rubber feet. Then slowly add an amount of oil LESS THAN the specified amount so I can remove the empty funnel with a paper towel underneath to quickly transport it to the oil bottle's opening, then remove the wood piece and see how high the oil level advances up the threaded hole. From there, add the board and fill small amounts, removing the funnel-n-board for level rechecking each time. It takes longer than pouring and making a mess, but cleaning up that mess that goes in-n-under the motor outta' sight takes a lot longer and leaves behind a dust attractor and a "hot oil smell" when you open it up to drain the carb floatbowl. The funnel/board/papertowel trick doesn't spill a single drop, but you must be patient and use good judgement.



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