Bushman Fridges Online SC35-72

We are now stocking the latest BUSHMAN portable fridges - the amazingly versatile SC35-52 compressor chest fridge, and the huge XD70 3-way gas absorption fridge!

BUSHMAN - MAIN PHOTO 4-sizes-in-one

The BUSHMAN SC35-52 is 4 fridges in one. The ingenious 3-part lid allows you to increase the size of the cooling compartment fromĀ 35 to 42, 45 and 52L!

Featuring a wrap-around cooling element, powder-coated steel cabinet, digital temperature gauge, the BUSHMAN SC35-52 offers solid competition to the popular Engel units - such as the MT35, MT45 and MT60.

The BUSHMAN currently comes with a TRANSIT BAG, and heavy duty TIE DOWN points as a bonus!

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