Bushman XD70 3-Way Fridge - Free Freight + Lowest Price Guarantee

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The BUSHMAN XD70 3-way (gas/12v/240v) fridge has arrived!

This MASSIVE 3-way fridge gives you a real alternative for a spacious portable fridge, without the requirements of batteries or solar panels. A popular option for people who are want the go-anywhere features of the absorption gas fridge system (like the Dometic F400, Chescold RC1600 etc) but need something that next size up!


Featuring a powder coated steel cabinet and a tropical T rating, this fridge operates in high ambient temperatures, and consumes less than 300g of gas per 24 hours. That means a 9kg bottle will run the fridge for over 4 weeks - no other power source required!

Check out the full details on the BUSHMAN XD70 portable fridge here.