Buyers Guide - Lunchbox In The Car

Are you a sales rep, or someone who spends a lot of time in your car? Want to keep your lunch and drinks cold?

There's a couple of options.

There are two main kinds of fridges - Compressor driven and Thermoelectric. Compressor driven fridges are "real fridges" and will work well anywhere. Thermoelectric fridges have a different technology and only provide limited cooling - much like an ice brick in an esky. If you want something decent - get a compressor unit. If you want something cheap - go the thermoelectric.

My suggestions would be:

- Primus 18L $579
- Waeco 18L $589 (almost identical to Primus)
- Engel 14L $614

- Waeco CoolPro 14L $209
- Waeco BoardBar 15L $179