Choosing the Right Sized Portable Fridge

If you're in the market for a new portable fridge, trying to decide on which size you need can be a real hassle. Portable fridges come in a huge range of sizes, and each size is better suited to a different purpose, but which one is right for you? To answer this question, we've put together this handy guide to help you figure out which sized portable fridge is going to suit your needs best.

MD14F25L & Under

25L or smaller fridges are primarily built as highly mobile coolers – good for keeping small amounts of food or drinks cold. They’re well suited for taking to picnics and parties, or to store the daily needs of a single person.

Popular Models:


MT35FP (MT35F-G4P)35L

The 35L size range tend to be built as proper, chest style portable fridges. These are great for a week’s camping by a single person, or for a couple over a weekend.

Popular Models:



MT45FP (MT45F-G4P)40L

The bulk of portable fridges are made up of the 40L size, and are often referred to as a ‘standard’ portable fridge, given their popularity. The 40L size range is perfect for a couple or family of 3 over a long weekend away.

Popular Models:



50L models are well suited to couples looking to make a week-long trip, with enough space to suit a family of 4 over a long weekend.

Popular Models:



MT60FP (MT60F-G4P)60 – 65L

A family of 4 or 5 looking to stay for longer than a long weekend will want to look at a 60 or 65L option as a minimum. This size range is also good for using at something like the local kids soccer game to store drinks and snacks for the team.

Popular Models:


MT80FP (MT80F-G4P)80L+

If you’re taking the family or a group of friends away for a long stint of a week or more, or if you’ve got a couple of families heading out for a weekend, an 80L size or larger is worth looking at. They are also a good entry size for businesses that need to transport cold or frozen products around in a vehicle.

Popular Models:


For more information on the available sizes and specs for each model, check out the manufacturer websites:

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