Engel 60L Model Guide - Explanation of Differences

There are 3 versions of the Engel MT60 60L unit as of Oct 2015

  • MT60FP ("Standard")- Single compartment, twin basket, run entire unit at one temperature as either a fridge OR a Freezer
  • MT60L "Legacy" - As above, just an army green colour, with camo coloured bag
  • MT60FCP "Combi" - Dual fixed compartments - one side is freezer (slightly smaller), other side is fridge. The freezer section has its own lid inside the main lid. There is a fan and other gadgetry installed between the two compartments to ensure even cooling at the differing temperatures.  (This is what makes the Engel "Combi" units remarkably different to other brands that have basic removable dividers).
Engel 60L (Standard) (Single Compartment - Fridge OR Freezer)
Engel 60L Legacy (Single Compartment - Fridge OR Freezer)


Engel 60L Combi (Fixed Dual Compartment - Fridge AND Freezer)


  • All units have the digital temperature control settings. There is a single temperature setting - this applies to Combi, as well as Standard/Legacy models. In the Standard/Legacy models, the temperature on the display is what you are setting the entire compartment to. In the "Combi" unit, you are setting the temperature of the FREEZER, and the fridge section runs at approximate 8 deg warmer. Ie set temperature to -4 deg, and freezer will be -4 deg, and fridge will be +4 deg.
  • PROS/CONS: Combi has a fixed divider in the middle so you can't put really big fish in there, but allows you to keep meat etc frozen, while using other side as fridge.
  • POWER CONSUMPTION: The Combi unit will draw more power simply because you are running (part of) the unit at a lower temperature.