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engel fridge slide 40L 60L 80L side slideAs a market leader in portable fridges, it's comforting to know that Engel is no slouch when it comes to providing quality accessories to go along with them. Fridge Slides are always considered a must-have accessory if you're planning on keeping your fridge stored inside your vehicle for any length of time, and once again, Engel has you covered here in spades.

Engel's slides come in four main sizes: the 515SLIDE is perfect for smaller 15L fridges, the 525SLIDE will fit up to a 21L Engel fridge, the 530-540SLIDE stores up to a 40L unit, and the 560SLIDE is your go to for up to 80L. In addition, those looking for a Side Slide that slides out along the short ends instead of the long are also in good hands, with Engel's 540XSLIDE side slide for 40L models, and the 560XSLIDE for up to 80L.

Regardless of size, all of Engel's slides feature a solid steel construction, meaning that they're built to last, and in a nice addition, they also feature a solid steel tray instead of trays that contain large gaps that can be found in other brands of slide. What this means is that the slide can be used for much more than storing your portable fridge. With the solid steel tray, you could also just as easily use the slide for cookers and camp kitchens, toolboxes, ice boxes, camp cupboards, battery packs - just about anything you'd like to have easy access to during your travels.

Included with each slide is a set of brackets and turnbuckles for securing your fridge to the slide. Simply unscrew your fridge's handles, place the brackets on, and refit the handles back to the fridge. The turnbuckles then secure the fridge to the slide via the handle brackets. The brackets fitting snugly beneath the handles is a nice touch, which means you don't have to remove them entirely.

Those that own Engel's MR40F Eclipse are covered as well, as Engel has an Eclipse Slide Kit (ECLKIT) available to suit that unit.

If you're looking for a solid, versatile, well-made slide for your fridge, that also has the added benefit of having dozens of other uses, without breaking the bank, Engel's range of Fridge Slides are definitely worth a look.

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