Engel Fridge

The Engel Fridge is one of Australia's post popular portable fridge. The Engel Fridge comes in a variety of sizes

  • Engel Fridge 35L - MT35
  • Engel Fridge 40L - MT45
  • Engel Fridge 60L - MT60
  • Engel Fridge 80L - MT80

The Engel fridge features the Sawafuji swing compressor motor - which is quite a different design to the common Danfoss compressor. The Sawafuji design only has a single moving part which makes it more resistant to rough conditions like 4WDing.

The Engel fridge was originally designed and manufactured in Japan by the Sawafuji motor company. But these days it is made in Taiwan.

The Engel fridge is popular for camping, 4WDing, truck drivers and commercial uses.

The reliability of the Engel fridge is unsurpassed in Australia, with plenty of owners having them for 30+ years.

The Engel fridge is generally the most expensive on the market.

The Engel fridge is an icon in Australia's outback, and some think it is an Australian design / company.

The Engel fridge has the strongest construction of any portable fridge on the market. The next strongest would be the EvaKool fibreglass box.