Engel Install in Truck - 24v systems and Posi-Fit Sockets

If you are installing an Engel Fridge in a truck that only has a 24V system, you need to use the Engel Posi-Fit connection, NOT the cigarette lighter plug.

Current Engel fridges come with a DC power lead, called a "JCORD". This cord looks like a normal cigarette lighter plug on one end. However, you can unscrew the tip to reveal the Engel Posi-Fit connection plug. The trick is that while the fridge and lead can run from either 12V DC or 24V DC, the tip/adaptor of the lead can only work with 12V DC.

If you are running from a 12V source (any many trucks have a constant 12V cigarette lighter socket), you can plug the fridge straight into this socket, using the JCORD lead with the tip on the end.

However, if you only have a 24V source, you CANNOT use the JCORD with the tip on the end, as the tip/adaptor is only suitable for use with 12V systems. So, you need to have an Engel Posi-Fit socket installed in the vehicle, and use the JCORD without the tip. There are a number of different Posi-Fit sockets available, including pre-wired socket with mounting plates and switches.