Engel MT60FP Digital Series Review

engel mt60fp digital fridge freezer 60LWhen you think of portable fridges, Engel is often one of the first names that come to mind, and for good reason. The industry leader has been at the forefront of popularity and reliability for over 50 years with their range of heavy duty steel-cased fridges, and now they're back with a new range that is sure to please the camping and travelling crowd.

The 60L size bracket is a popular one for small families or couples looking to get away for an extended period of time and need something bigger than the more modest 40L options, and Engel has this covered with their new MT60FP Digitial Series model.

The MT60FP is a hefty beast at 790L x 441H x 490D (850L with handles attached), which is to be expected at this size range, and has the platinum finished steel case that Engel fridges have become known for, ensuring it will keep running year after year regardless of what's thrown at it. Surprisingly, the 60L model is actually shorter than Engel's 40L options, which is handy to know when space might end up making the decision for you.

Inside is Engel's Sawafuji swing motor, a tried-and-true compressor unit the company has been using across several generations of fridges and freezers. This isn't a bad thing though, as the Sawafuji is one of the key components that has earned Engel their reputation for quality and reliability. In the age of cheaper manufacturing for a 'throw away' society, it's comforting to know the heart of your fridge heralds from the old school train of thought, where things were built to last. With only a single moving part, you can be sure the Sawafuji in the MT60FP will keep on running long after it has any right to, and probably longer!

The MT60FP boasts both 12/24v and 240v outlets, and both cables are included with the fridge. On average, you can expect a fridge like this to run for about 24-36 hours via a standard 120Ah Deep Cycle battery via 12v power.

The MT60FP's single expansive compartment has plenty of room for food and drink storage, and comes with a pair of full-height baskets to help keep things organised. The baskets fit together snugly, ensuring no space is lost or wasted - a small but nice touch that can often be a source of frustration on other dual-basket models.

The real winner here though are the new digital features Engel has included right across their latest range of Platinum series fridges. Included in the MT60FP is a built-in Battery Monitor Cut-out system, which will protect your car battery from ever being drained completely. It's a vital piece of kit that you often pay a premium for if purchased as a separate piece of equipment, so having it built directing into the fridge is a real boon. As well as this, the MT60FP also now comes with a digital thermostat, allowing you to set the fridge to a specific temperature and forget about it, instead of wrestling with the older high-low dial based controls.

At over 30kg empty and almost a metre long between handles, the MT60FP can be an awkward lift - even moreso when full, so keep in mind that you'll likely need a second helper to get it in and out of your vehicle. If you're travelling solo, you might want to think about using a fridge slide as a more permanent residence to save wrestling the bulky unit in and out of it's hidey-hole whenever you pull over for the night.

The 60L size bracket has always had plenty of options for families or distance travellers to choose from, and making the right choice can be difficult. But, with a solid steel case, proven compressor, quality build construction, ample room and new built-in digital controls, it's safe to say that there's now a clear winner for your hard-earned in the new Engel MT60FP Digital Series.

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