Engel Smart Battery Box Review

engel smart battery box battbox dual battery system portableEngel are a well known name in the portable fridge market, providing some of the most reliable, high quality and innovative fridges to campers and travellers right across the country. But what about powering these fridges? What do Engel have that will help keep your fridge running day in, day out as you venture across the countryside? Luckily for us, Engel not only produce quality fridges, but quality accessories to go along with them, like the Engel Smart Battery Box.

Engel's Smart Battery Box does more than just power your fridge, though. The box turns a normal deep-cycle battery into a complete portable power station, ensuring that you'll keep not just your fridge running, but your laptop, phone, iPod, power tools, speakers, TV, lights, and just about anything else you can plug into it.

With a built-in 150W Inverter, the Smart Battery Box hosts a plethora of sockets to suit a wide range of devices, including a 12v cigarette lighter socket, 240v socket, Anderson socket, and even a USB socket to keep those handheld devices running that we can't seem to live without.

Operating the Smart Battery Box is a breeze - simply insert and connect your deep-cycle battery of choice, turn it on, let it sync to the battery's levels, and you're away. The Smart Battery Box accepts all major types of batteries, such as Gel, Calcium, Lead Acid and AGM, and works with batteries up to 130Ah - more than enough power to keep your fridge running for a few days.

Not only does it greatly increase the utility of your battery, but the box also contains a powerful 6 Amp, 7 stage Smart Charger that will charge your battery for you when connected to 12v or 240v power, your vehicle's anderson connection, or solar panels. A handy digital display gives you a live feed of your battery's current charge, and even alerts you to any faults that the battery may have. It's worth noting that the 240v Charger is sold separately, and at about $100, it's not a cheap addition - it would have been nice to see this included as part of the package, as it's very likely something you're going to want to have.

Being a portable system, the Smart Battery Box provides a great, flexible and much more affordable alternative to installing a dual-battery system in your vehicle - an exercise that can set you back somewhere in the vicinity of $1500 or so. Just plug it in to your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket via the included 12v to 12v DC charger, and let the Smart Charger take care of the rest.

For use with a standard 40L portable fridge, we recommend using a 120Ah Deep Cycle AGM battery, which will run fridge that size for about 2 - 2.5 days. Connected to a 120W Solar Panel, the Smart Battery Box will charge your battery back to full in about 5-6 hours of good sunlight. The box can also charge while in operation, meaning you can have your fridge connected to the Smart Battery Box while it's recharging via solar panel, providing a potentially limitless amount of power.

It's also worth giving a nod to the Smart Battery Box's environmentally friendly operation. As opposed to a generator, the Smart Battery box is silent, requires no fuel, and produces zero emissions, which means you'll be helping to keep this beautiful country of ours clean and healthy for the kids and grandkids to follow.

All-in-all, the Engel Smart Battery Box is one of the best portable power solutions available on the market. It's easy to use, costs nothing to run, is fully portable, and provides great utility for your battery - a great addition to any camper's kit.

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