Essential Portable Fridge Accessories

If you're looking to kit yourself out with a new portable fridge, it's worth taking some time to think about the sorts of accessories you're going to need to go with it. Major manufacturers, such as Engel and Waeco, offer a wide variety of accessories for their range of portable fridges, but figuring out what you really need can be tough - there's a lot to choose from.

Luckily, we've put together a list of Essential Portable Fridge Accessories that we think every fridge owner should have.

Transit Cover

TBAG45GTransit covers come in handy for a number of reasons. They help to protect your fridge from cosmetic damage, keep it safe from the elements, help to keep the dust, sand and salt spray out, and provide extra insulation which increases the life of your battery.

Many fridges are available as a bundle with the matching Transit Cover included, and it's worth keeping an eye out for these deals, as covers can be fairly costly on their own.

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Fridge Slide

530-540SLIDEPortable fridges can be fairly weighty things, even when they're not stocked full for a long trip away, and wrestling one in and out of your vehicle every stop can be a tiresome, back-straining ordeal that loses it's novelty pretty fast.

To help with this, you can purchase a Fridge Slide. A fridge slide is a metal drawer that bolts onto the floor in the back of your vehicle, and allows your fridge to easily slide in and out for easy access.

Alternatively, for even more convenience, you can invest in a Drop Slide, which works in the same fashion, though also drops down once extended to make access to your fridge even easier.

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Tie Down Kits

While most slides come with tie down accessories, though having some sort of  tie down solution can be handy even without using a slide, as a means of keeping your fridge stable and secure when off-roading through difficult or rough conditions. Tie Down Kits often consist of four sturdy straps that can be used to anchor your fridge down to the floor of your vehicle, or to a fridge slide if you're using one.

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Fridge Barrier

If you're carrying a full load and find yourself packed to the roof, a Fridge Barrier can be a handy piece of equipment that will not only help to keep your fridge and other supplies safe and organised, but will also make it easier to get into your fridge when it's buried under a pile of gear. A fridge barrier is an easy-to-install sturdy metal cage that encompasses your fridge, giving you easy access whilst also protecting it from knocks delivered by other gear moving around in the back of your vehicle. A good solution that's well worth looking into if you consistently find yourself digging to find your fridge amongst your other supplies.

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Portable Power Solutions

BATTBOXIt often comes as a surprise to many people to know that Portable fridges don't power themselves - they require some sort of external power to function. This can be as simple as plugging them into a 240v mains power socket, but mains power isn't always available when you're out camping remotely.

There's two main options for powering your fridge; Battery Packs or Generators, and you'll likely need one of them to keep your fridge running through overnight stops or on extended stays in a remote location.

Battery Packs are cheaper, quiet, environmentally friendly and can be used to power a range of devices in addition to your fridge, such as phones, laptops, iPods, lights, speakers etc. A Battery pack, like the Engel Smart Battery Box or Baintech PowerTop, can be recharged via your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket whilst on the move between camping spots, or via Solar power when connected to a portable solar panel kit. Battery Packs are a good option for people looking at camping in a tent or camper trailer.

Generators are more expensive, but offer a lot more in the way of power output, able to power entire caravans and all the appliances therein if you're looking at staying at a spot without power, such as your kettle, microwave, air conditioner, stereo and, of course, your portable fridge. Yamaha's Silent Inverter Generators are quiet, reliable, and high quality; the perfect option for those looking to take the caravan away for a holiday without power.

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