EvaKool Fibreglass Fridge/Freezers (RF Series)

EvaKool Fibreglass Fridge/Freezers (RF Series)

The EvaKool Fibreglass Fridge/Freezers (RF Series) are the top-of-the-range models. With extremely thick walls, filled with a customised refrigeration foam (especially designed by EvaKool themselves), these units do not need a bag to help with insulation. This means they are easier to access. The fibreglass construction inside and out is non-porous - meaning it won't absorb smells, and is very easy to clean.

The EvaKool Fibreglass Fridge/Freezers come in the following sizes -

  • EvaKool Fibreglass 40L
  • EvaKool Fibreglass 47L
  • EvaKool Fibreglass 60L
  • EvaKool Fibreglass 85L
  • EvaKool Fibreglass 110L
  • EvaKool Fibreglass 150L (Fridge Only)

They are all fitted with Danfoss compressors. The 40-60L units have the Danfoss BD35 compressor. And the 85-150L units have the BD50 compressor

They are all made in QLD Australia. Fibreglass is laid up in their Caloundra factory.

While the fibreglass compartment is a beautiful, sleek look, the compressor unit is basically bolted onto the side - giving it a somewhat awkward look compared to many other fridge brands. However, it is ultimately practical, making any service needs cheaper - as access is much simpler.

The controls are mechanical (not digital) - ie for the temperature control setting you turn a knob to an indicator level - not a specific temperature. This again keeps things very simple, less to go wrong, and easy to service. There is an option for a digital control panel upgrade. The standard mechanical setup can withstand much more moisture than the digital panels can - e.g. if you leave outside in the rain or get spray on it, it is likely to last longer.