EvaKool TravelMate Fridge/Freezers

We now stock the complete range of EvaKool TravelMate fridge/freezers.

These are the entry level fridges, and are the cheapest units available from a reputable supplier. They look much like a Waeco fridge and EvaKool's KoolMate range which is very similar too.

They don't use the Danfoss compressor - which is pretty much industry standard - but use a cheaper unit from Domus. The warranty is 2 years on the units, compared with 5 years for the rest of EvaKool's gear.

They represent good value for money, and have EvaKool's service network to back them.

If you were considering purchasing a no-name Chinese eBay special, get this instead. It will probably cost you a bit more, but you're dealing with a reputable local company who will look after you if you have any issues.