Installation / Wiring

Most people just plug the fridge into the closest pre-wired cigarette socket. This is probably the best starting point, test and see how it goes.

If you're not happy with the performance of the unit, the most likely culprit is voltage drop along the 12V power line. E.g. you might have 13.6V at the battery, but by the time it reaches the socket, travelling through small cables (e.g. 3mm auto cable) you might only get 12.0V at the socket. The numbers might not sound like much, but it is a world of difference. (0.5V drop is acceptable, anything more you are sacrificing performance). (Most cigarette sockets are wired with 3mm cable).

The best way to reduce the voltage drop is to increase the size of the cables between the battery and the socket. 6mm auto cable would be minimum for most situations, but sometimes bigger can be necessary too. If you know the length of the run, talk to the cable supplier / chandlery etc about what they recommend. (There is a function of cable copper cross-section square mm VS length for a given load). Also, try not to have any other plugs/sockets in the line as these induce voltage drop too.