Kipor Generator GS2600

The Kipor Generator GS2600 2.6 kVa is now on special for $1,395! So if you're looking for a Kipor Generator sale, Kipor Generator discount, or Kipor Generator Special - you've found the best deals right here!

Kipor Generator GS2600 Digital Inverter Generator


Note - there are two variants of the Kipor GS2600. The Kipor GS2600H is identical to the GS2600, but has the addition of rear wheels, and an integrated telecoping handle for easy transport.

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The Kipor Generator GS2600 is great for running all sorts of electrical appliances like lighting, power tools, TVs, chargers, and portable fridges. It is suitable for running most caravan air conditioners. It has both 240V AC outputs for mains power appliances, and 12V DC outputs for direct battery charging or 12V appliances.

Silent operation and economic on fuel, the Kipor Generator GS2600 will fit anywhere, and give you power when you need it!

Kipor Generators have been in Australia for over a decade and are backed by a professional network of service agents, and are covered by a 2-year warranty.

Kipor Generators produce a "Pure Sine Wave" output from the digital inverter meaning your appliances receive clean power, and safe to use with sensitive electronic devices. (Many cheaper generators use a modified sine wave inverter which can damage devices like laptops, phones and iPads).

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