New EvaKool ED40 - 40L. The Engel Beater

EvaKool have just released their new 40L - the EvaKool ED40 fridge/freezer.

The size and layout is very similar to the popular Engel MT45 40L Fridge/Freezer. The compressor is housed within the main compartment giving the EvaKool ED40 an all-in-one appearance like the Engel. Traditionally, most of the EvaKool fridge/freezers are an icebox/esky, with a compressor unit bolted on one end - giving it a more basic appearance. The new EvaKool ED40 certainly looks the business with the high quality white fibreglass EvaKool have grown their reputation on. The built-in compressor keeps the external dimensions pretty much rectangular giving maximum internal storage for minimum space required in the vehicle.

Fitted with the Danfoss compressor, the EvaKool ED40 is reliable, and backed by EvaKools 5-year warranty. The thick insulation makes a bag unnecessary, and results in less run time, and improves battery performance.

If you're doing an Engel MT45 and EvaKool ED40 comparison, the EvaKool will present incredible value for money!

Check out pricing and specials on the EvaKool ED40 Fridge/Freezer here.