New Primus Fridge/Freezer Range - Mammoth Fridges

We've just received the first stocks of the new Primus Mammoth Fridge/Freezer range.

The Primus Mammoth fridges/freezers range from 45L to a massive130L capacity, with 3 Dual Zone models - 65L, 92L and 118L.

Checkout the range of Primus Mammoth fridge/freezers here. We're running some great introductory specials on these Primus fridges.

Primus Mammoth PRI60LM


The Mammoth range of fridges are built in China with input and supervision from Primus technical staff. Having had a good look and run our tests on them, we can assure you they've done a fantastic job! I like the exterior shape being just a box, without any other bits hanging off it. It's nice and clean, which means it will fit more places and less susceptible to damage. The steel compartment means it will take the knocks.

The entire range use the Danfoss compressor - either the BD35F or the larger BD50F - which is pretty much standard across most portable fridges. Danfoss has recently changed their name to SECOP, so you will see these fridges showing "Powered by SECOP compressors - formally Danfoss". Why? Buggers me.

The lid latches are very nice too. Simple steel levers with an over-centre catch make opening and closing easy and positive. The built-in handles makes for easy transport and the fact that they just drop down to vertical when not in use, means it takes up less space in the vehicle.

All units feature removable interior baskets which is great - as it allows you to pull out all the food/drinks for easy access when required. It's also easy to clean.

The standard range of Primus Mammoth fridges include:

The Primus Dual Zone fridge/freezers in this range are totally unique. They are the only "true" dual zone units on the market - in that you have separate controls for both the fridge and the freezer. ie. you select individual temperatures for each compartment using the digital control panel. The fridges only have one compressor, but two cooling circuits which allow this "cool" feature (excuse the pun).

The Primus Mammoth Dual Zone range of fridge/freezers include:

Primus Mammoth 65L Dual Zone PRI65LDZM