New Waeco CFX Fridges

Waeco have released their new range of fridges:

The entire range has been upgraded an include

  • Lower energy consumption - almost 10% more efficient in many cases
  • Increased insulation thickness for reduced energy consumption
  • Enables a -22°C setting
  • New lid gasket with air pocket, 10mm wide with larger sealing lip and no gap.
  • Drop down handles
  • Genuine WAECO compressor
  • New accessories available including
    • Wireless display
    • Covers/bags
    • Fixing kit
    • Slides

The new Waeco CFX range will eventually replace the existing Waeco CF range. The Waeco CFX fridges provide tremendous benefits over other Waeco style copies in the marketplace - once again confirming Waeco's position as Australia's most popular portable fridge.

The Waeco CFX fridges have a new style, look modern, and promise to deliver even better results that the already popular Waeco CF series.