Primus 60L Duo Fridge/Freezer (Dual Zone)

The Primus 60L Duo Fridge/Freezer has arrived. Great value at just $1,184 introductory price.

The Primus 60L Duo has two separate compartments, and two separate lids. This helps prevent the cold air escaping when you open the lid to access the fridge or freezer.

Primus 60L Duo Fridge Freezer


(Note - there is also the Primus 60L Fridge - which has just one compartment - and operates as a fridge OR a freezer).

This is the Primus Series III (Series 3) Fridge range. Primus 2-way fridge freezer - as it runs on 12V (battery power) and 240V (mains power).

Primus 60L Duo Internal


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The Primus 60L Duo Fridge/Freezer features a stainless steel cabinet with fingerprint resistant technology.

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Inside the Primus 60L Duo fridge/freezer there are two wire baskets, with one for the main area, and the other smaller one for the dairy section.

The Primus 60L Duo fridge/freezer is normally setup to run as a fridge AND a freezer at the same time. There are individual temperature control settings for each compartment. You can run both compartments at a similar temperature if you want to make the entire unit a fridge OR a freezer. (There needs to be approx 2°C difference between the compartments)

It includes

  • digital controls to set temperature
  • built-in 12V / 24V / 240V operation - no adaptors required
  • wireless remote monitor

The Primus 60L Duo fridge/freezer is great for campers, caravanners & 4WDers. Everything you need in a portable 12V fridge, and at a great saving!

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