Primus 65L Dual Zone - Mammoth Series (PRI65LDZM)

The new Primus Mammoth 65L Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer has arrived and is now in-stock.

Primus Mammoth 65L (PRI65LDZM)


This unique portable fridge is sure to shake up the market. This is the only true "dual zone" fridge on the market today. You individually set the temperatures of each section using the digital control panel.

Primus Mammoth Dual Zone Controls


There is only one compressor, but there are two cooling circuits which run independently.

It includes all the other great features of the Mammoth range - removable wire baskets, steel cabinet, sturdy latches, Danfoss/SECOP compressor and Primus' great nationwide warranty.

Check out specs and pricing on the Primus Mammoth 65L Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer here.