Primus Fridge

The complete range of Primus Fridge Series III is now available.

The Primus Fridge offers campers incredible value compared with other leading brands like Waeco, Engel and EvaKool fridges. The Primus fridge has thick 50mm insulation, and a fingerprint resistant stainless steel cabinet.

The Primus fridge also has two really special features:

  • Open lid alarm - The Primus fridge beeps if you leave the lid open, giving you an audible indicator to shut it. Leaving the lid open, even a crack will severely degrade the efficiency of the cooling system, consuming more battery and resulting in less time running from a battery.
  • Wirless thermometer and voltage meter - handy design remote just plugs into a cigarette lighter socket in the front of the car, giving you readouts of the temperature and voltage the fridge is running at. This Primus fridge access takes the guess work out of monitoring your fridge ensuring you'll arrive at your destination with cold beer and chilled food!

The Primus fridge has 4 models:

The Primus fridge offers incredible value for money with the Primus Fridge 40L starting at just $845.

Backed by a nationwide network of service agents and 2 years warranty, you can't go wrong with a Primus Fridge.