Primus Mammoth 130L Fridge/Freezer (PRI130LM)

The new Primus Mammoth 130L Fridge/Freezer has arrived.

Primus Mammoth 130L (PRI130LM)


Solid as a brick-you-know-what. It's a big rectangular box. No bits hanging off the side. And you know what it's made out of... steel. That's right - because that's what real blokes make things out of.

But seriously... this is a good bit of kit. Danfoss/SECOP compressor inside, digital control panel outside, removable baskets, thick insulation - everything you need. Built in 12/24V DC and 240V AC means you can use it anywhere. ECO and MAX modes on the compressor allow you to control the power usage.

All-up, this is a great new range of fridges from Primus, and will prove competition for both Waeco and Engel in the local market.

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