Primus Transit Fridge/Freezers now in stock

The new range of Primus Transit Fridge/Freezers has arrived - and WOW! they look great!

Primus Transit 40L PRI40LP


With a range from 18 - 50L these portable fridge/freezers suit people who are touring and camp for short periods. The small sizes of the fridges make them great for sitting on the rear seat, or in the boot.

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They're all fitted with the high quality Danfoss compressor (now known as SECOP),  meaning you've got reliable cooling whereever you travel. And of course, they're backed up by Primus' supreme after-sales service and nationwide service agent network should you  have any problems.

This Primus Transit range targets Waeco head-on, with almost identical sizing through the range, similar construction (plastic boxes), same compressor, similar digital control panel, even the colours are the same. C'mon Primus - couldn't you at least change that??

The units are built in China just like the Waecos, but there's a huge difference between the quality of these well known brands and other unknowns coming out of the same country. The big brands like Waeco and Primus supervise production and provide input into the design and manufacture of their products, even though they might not own the factory. Many other units on the market are simply "off-the-shelf" (or "out-the-back-door") and don't have any quality controls at all - meaning buyer beware. For the difference of a few hundred dollars, investing in a well known brand with a nationwide service network is cheap cheap insurance and peace-of-mind.

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