Waeco CF50 VS Waeco CF50-DZ (Dual Zone)

Waeco have two very similar models. The CF-50 and CF-50DZ (Dual Zone).

They are almost identical units. They are the same physical size & weight, and have identical components like the compressor and control panel. They both have one main storage area and a "dairy" (which is a smaller area and works like a crisper).

The difference is the CF-50DZ Dual Zone comes with an insulating plastic divider you insert in the main area of the fridge. This reduces the cooling effect on the side away from the compressor, resulting in a higher temperature in this "zone".

While you can insert/remove the divider in the dual zone model, the unit is designed to operate with two temperature zones in the main compartment. This is due to the cooling element being located at one end of the compartment. With the divider in, you get approx 8-10° difference from end-to-end. With the divider out, you get approx 3-5° difference. So, if you're running the unit as a fridge with the divider out, you will still get a substantial variation in temperature. For many applications this is fine.

The dual zone model does NOT have two separate temperature controls (ie you can't set one area to -4°C and the other +4°C.

In the CF50, the cooling element surrounds the main compartment, whereas with the CF50DZ the cooling element is just at one end of the main compartment.

Hope this helps with the decision making :)