Waeco Explorer Pack Just Arrived

The Ultimate Explorer Pack from Waeco has just arrived. You get an incredible $350 of extra value - including a complete 2nd fridge!

  • Fridge - Waeco CoolFreeze Fridge/Freezer - from 40-80L
  • Protective Cover
  • Fridge Stand
  • Fridge - Thermoelectric 8L Cooler/Heater - great for inside the car
  • Can Inverter - plugs into cigarette lighter socket to give you 240V mains power. The great design makes it fit easily into existing cup holders.
  • BBQ Set - full set of BBQ tongs, lifters etc.
  • Stubby Cooler - after all that work keeping the beer cold, this simple device keeps it cool while you drink it ;)
  • Cap - keeps you¬†cool while drinking your cold beer held in your insulating stubby cooler.
  • Water Bottle - for times after you've had too many cold beers.
Waeco Ultimate Explorer Pack