Waeco Seconds - Factory Seconds on Waeco Fridges

I see a lot of people searching for Waeco Seconds - looking for factory seconds on Waeco fridges to get cheap waeco fridges, refurbished waeco fridges, fridge shop . com pricing.

Did you know that we have better pricing on NEW Waeco fridges, than what people are paying for refurbished Waeco fridges? E.g. I heard someone recently pay $780 for a Waeco seconds CF40 - when we have the Waeco CF40 with the bag and stand for just $799. Given that the bag is going to protect your investment, and the stand is just plain handy, you'd be mad to be a refurbished unit.

Refurbished units only come with a 12 month warranty too. New Waeco's have 5-years on the compressor and 3-years on everything else!