Yamaha Generator Specials

We've recently been appointed agents for Yamaha Generator Specials. You can find the complete range of Yamaha Generators in our generator listings here.

We are stocking the following Yamaha Generators:

These are all Yamaha Silent Generators (except the 2800i). The letters in the model number desigate:

  • i = inverter type generator - produces better quality power output than a direct ac motor
  • S = silent operation - less than 60dBA of noise level at 7m distance
  • E = electric start - has on-board battery for push button start. The others are recoil start (pull the string)

Yamaha Silent Generators are incredibly popular for camping, touring, caravans, motorhomes, 5th wheelers and more. They are powerful enough to run air conditioners, power tools, compressors and more!