Brand Comparison Guide

A look at some of the more popular portable fridge manufacturers.

When looking to purchase a portable fridge, you have a number of options when it comes to brands. Like anything, there’s really no ‘best brand’ when it comes to fridges, but those we’ll look at here have earned a reputation as being reliable and quality made for our tough Aussie conditions, and are what we’d recommend when looking to purchase your portable fridge.


Engel have been making fridges for over 50 years, and have a reputation for being one of the most reliable names in the portable fridge market.

A Japanese based company, much of Engel’s reliability stems from their special ‘Sawafuji’ Swing Motor. Containing only one moving part in the entire unit, it means there’s significantly less chance of anything breaking or going wrong when you’re on the road in the middle of nowhere, and increases the potential lifespan of the fridge.

Most Engel products are made with a solid steel casing for long-lasting durability, have a digital display with temperature adjust knob, and carry a 3 year manufacturer warranty on all parts.



  • Trusted name that’s been around for over half a century.
  • Proven record of sturdy, reliable products suited to Aussie climates and conditions.
  • Only one moving part means low maintenance, less chance of failure, and a longer lifespan.
  • Strong steel casing for durability and long life.
  • Digital Display and temperature adjustment.


  • Tend to be more expensive than other brands, with no entry level options.


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Waeco has long been a popular brand in Australia, and offer a range of heavy-duty portable fridges at a good price.

Waeco fridges are made of polypropylene; a hardy, durable, thick plastic that is made to last, and doesn’t mind taking a few knocks. Most of their products also come with a digital display, so keeping track of and setting your fridge temperature just right is made easy.

Most Waeco fridges come with a 3 year warranty, and a 5 year warranty on their custom built compressor unit, for added peace of mind.



  • Well suited to Aussie conditions.
  • Sturdy plastic construction means less cosmetic damage and durability.
  • Polypropylene does not conduct heat, giving the fridge good insulation.
  • Good price range for people on a budget.
  • Large range of fridges for various uses.


  • Lots of digital circuitry means higher potential for problems and shorter overall lifespan.
  • Plastic case can crack or split with a hard knock, which is irrepairable.


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EvaKool are a local Australian based company located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Known for their popular line of eskies and ice boxes, they also offer a range of portable fridges built with the same technology.

As well as durable plastic units, EvaKool’s popularity in the portable fridge market can also be attributed to their fibreglass line of models, which contain a fibreglass shell and a thick insulation layer to keep your fridge cold. EvaKool prides themselves on being the largest manufacturer of fibreglass ice boxes and portable fridges in Australia, and possibly the world.

EvaKool fridges carry between a 2 and 5 year warranty, depending on the model.



  • Long 5 Year Warranty on most models.
  • Tough, durable plastic design.
  • Fibreglass housing provides good insulation and a clean finish.
  • Removable divider gives Dual Zone fridge and freezer functionality on most models as standard.
  • Simple design is easy to maintain.
  • Australian based company.


  • High price for the product.
  • Awkward compressor housing can make storage and transport difficult.
  • Single cooling plate at one end could give uneven temperatures throughout the fridge.


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