Enerdrive Folding Solar Panel Kit - 120W


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120W Folding Solar Panel Kit.

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Product Description

Product Description


120W Folding Solar Panel Kit.


Extend your auxillary battery capacity by recharging anywhere the sun is shining. 

How Does It Compare

There are hundreds of folding solar panel kits on the market today - from eBay cheapies to high priced brands. We have personally tested various panels at each price point. While the solar cells themselves don't vary too much, the usability of the panels do. The biggest issue we found with the cheap kits is that that frames and legs are terrible - to the point that they can hardly support themselves. Anything more than a breath of wind and they can snap. The bags tend to rip on the first or 2nd use, and the quality of the regulator reduces the performance of the solar cells.
We have found that this Enerdrive kit gives you the the best quality solar cells, in a strong and durable frame with high quality hinges and catches, and top quality regulator. This means you will have the power to recharge your batteries when you need it, and not be frustrated by low quality in cheap kits.

Expected Performance

Average daily sun hours: 5.5 hrs
Average daily current to battery: 35+ amp hours
Anticipated run time for typical 50L fridge: Up to 3 days 
(assuming 50% depth of discharge to a 100 amp hour battery)

Special Features

One very special feature is the externally mounted solar controller. This means you can put the controller as close to the batteries as possible (unlike many panels which have the controller fixed to the panels). This means you get NO voltage drop in the battery cables, and MORE charge into your batteries - effectively giving you the same charge capacity as much larger panels!


  • Mono-crystalline panels
  • 35mm double channel aluminium frame
  • Sturdy legs with adjustable angle - for best sun position
  • 5 metres of plug & play battery leads
  • 10 amp solar regulator (waterproof) with adjustability for either flooded or sealed type batteries
  • Strong, durable canvas bag with carry pouch for accessories.
  • Locally supported product with 2 year warranty
  • Max Power Pm: 100W
  • Power Tolerance:  +/- 3%
  • Max Power Voltage Vm: 18V
  • Max Power Current Im: 6.37A
  • Open Circuit Votage Voc: 22V
  • Short Circuit Current Isc: 6.88A
  • Max System Voltage VDC: 1000V


  • Folded:  545W x 850H x 85D
  • Open: 1100W x 850H x 40D
  • Weight:  15.5kg







Tech Specs

Tech Specs

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