EvaKool Fridges

EvaKool Fridges

EvaKool fridges are a home-grown Aussie success story. With an enviable reputation in the marketplace, EvaKool are reknown for the incredibly effective insulation in their 12V portable fridge/freezers. EvaKool fridge/freezers are available in sizes from 31 - 150L, and offer a range of models to suit all budgets. EvaKool fridges run on 12V / 24V and 240V. EvaKool portable fridges offer incredible value for money, and buying an EvaKool fridge means you're supporting an Aussie business and Aussie jobs.

EvaKool Fridges - Product Range Overview

EvaKool Fibreglass Fridges (RF)

The top-of-the-range EvaKool Fibreglass (White) fridges have the thickest insulation on the market, and a beautiful glossy, impervious finish - making cleaning easy and preventing any lasting smells. Being designed from the ground up in and for Australia, they don't require additional insulating bags/transit bags - this makes access much easier and eliminates any issues with condensation between the fridge and bag. The fridges are completely built in Caloundra QLD, using a Danfoss compressor and are supplied with a 5 year warranty.

EvaKool FridgeMate (FM)

The EvaKool FridgeMate series - the yellow ones - have the same compressor components as the fibreglass fridges, but use a plastic compartment. These are more affordable and resist damage better than the fibreglass units. Like the fibreglass units - they don't require an additional insulating bag. The yellow boxes are manufactured in China, and the compressor unit is installed in Australia. They use the same Danfoss compressors and include a 5 year warranty.

EvaKool IB Fridges / KoolMate

EvaKool also have a range of budget fridges to compete with imported units.

The EvaKool KoolMate/IB Series fridge/freezers are much like Waeco units. Built in China in an Italian owned factory. They use a Danfoss compressor and include a 5 year warranty.

EvaKool TravelMate Fridges (TM)

EvaKool second range of imported fridges.

The entry level EvaKool TravelMate range is for customers looking for a good fridge at a low price. Built in China. Uses Domus compressor which is "based on" the Danfoss unit. These fridges have a 2 year warranty.



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About EvaKool - An Australian Company

EvaKool pioneered iceboxes for fishing / extended trips that would keep ice for days, as opposed to the hours that traditional plastic cooler boxes offered. Started in 1994, and based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensalnd, EvaKool began producing fibrelgass iceboxes, and quickly expanded production to include styles and sizes to suit users from all walks of life. EvaKool pioneered the fibreglass icebox ("esky") and continues to set the benchmark for Australian iceboxes.

EvaKool is Australia's leading brand of fibreglass iceboxes and Australia's largest manufacturer of 12V fridge/freezers, and are passionate in their quest to remain at the forefront of product dvelopment and innovation.

While retaining their commitment to local manufacturing for their top end products, EvaKool also offer a range of cheaper, imported units to compete with other similarly sourced and priced portable fridges on the market. This gives EvaKool a broad range of fridges to suit all needs.

EvaKool have a nationwide network of service agents - meaning if you should have a problem, you're likely to be able to get it sorted quickly.



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