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Fridge FAQs


Buyer's Guides


Buying Your First Portable Fridge

  • Everything you need to know before taking the plunge on your first portable fridge purchase.
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Brand Comparison Guide

  • Not sure which brand to buy? Check out the differences in this side-by-side comparison.
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Waeco Buyer's Guide

  • An in-depth look at the range of Waeco portable fridges. 
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Engel Buyer's Guide

  • An in-depth look at the range of Engel portable fridges.
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EvaKool Buyer's Guide

  • An in-depth look at the range of EvaKool portable fridges.
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Generator Buyer's Guide

  • We walk you through what to look for when buying a portable generator.
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Warranty Procedures

  • An overview of the warranty procedures for each manufacturer. A must read before buying.
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Information Guides


Size Guide

  • Not sure which size fridge is right for you? Let us help with this handy size guide.
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Power and Charging Guide

  • All the information you'll need to know about powering your portable fridge. 
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Installation Guide

  • We take your through the installation options available for your portable fridge, from tie down kits to fride slides.
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Compressor vs 3-Way Comparison Guide

  • A look at the differences between a compressor fridge and a 3-Way unit. 
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Tips and Tricks

  • Get the most out of your portable fridge with this collections of tips and tricks, taken from our own camping experiences.
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Tech Guides


How 12V Fridges Work

  • Learn about the vapour-compression cycle and how compressors operate.
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How 3-Way Fridges Work

  • Absorption fridges work completely differently to 12V / compressor fridges. Learn a bit of chemistry here.
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