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Waeco Fridge Overview

  • Compressor
    • Waeco CF Series - popular with 12V / 240V built-in, digital read-out and great performance
    • Waeco CDF Series - entry level models, no 240V built-in, no digital display
  • Absorption / 3-Way
    • Dometic
    • Chescold
  • Thermoelectric
    • Electronic Control
      • Waeco CoolPro Series
    • Conventional
      • Waeco CoolFun Series
      • Waeco BoardBar Series


Waeco Compressor Fridges

  • Excellent cooling performance regardless of the ambient temperature.
  • Best cooling performance of any type of fridge
  • Suitable for deep-freezing
  • Some noise of motor running
  • Suitable for use with auxillary battery or solar panel


Waeco has 2 ranges of Compressor Fridges

  • CoolFreeze CF Series
  • CoolFreeze CDF Series


Waeco CoolFreeze CF Series

The most popular range of portable fridge/freezers.

Waeco CoolFreeze CF Range

  • Excellent cooling and deep-freezeing even at extreme ambient temperaturs.
  • 18-106L.
  • All feature built in 12/24V DC and 100-240V AC operation, with cables included. (Except for CF-18 & CF-25 which are 12/24V DC only)
  • Up to 50°C below ambient cooling
  • +10°C to -18°C operating temperature
  • Digital temperature read-out and control panel (except CF-18)
  • All feature Danfoss BD-35 compressor, except CF-80 and CF-110 which have the Danfoss BD-50.

Waeco Control PanelWaeco Internal Features

Weaco CF-35 to CF-110 Features

  • Internal baskets with full horizontal and veritcal support (except CF-35)
  • Dairy/crisper compartment giving your fridge another temperature zone.
  • Light to carry, easy to clean.
  • LED fridge light and sturdy handles
  • VMSO (Variable Motor Speed Optimisation) - featured on CF-35 to CF-110. Enables the adjustment of compressor speed depending on the existing
  • and set termperature. Soft Start and Turbo functions result in extremely rapid cooling until reaching the set temperature as well as efficiently maintaining it.
  • Full battery protection - 3-stage protection suitable for dual and single battery installations.
  • Polypropelene construction - light, tough, durable, heat resistant, UV stabilised and rust proof.
  • Built for extremely conditions - perfect performance even in the hottest Australian heat.
  • Largest service network and unique warranty in Australia - 5 years on compressor, 3 years on everything else.


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Waeco CoolFreeze CDF Series

Waeco CoolFreeze CDF Series


  • Favourably priced, entry-level compressor coolers
  • Refrigeration and deep-freezing
  • 10.5 - 39L capacity
  • Highly compact designs for "go-anywhere" portability.
  • 240V connection with optional mains power adaptor.
  • Operating temperatures varies between units.
  • No digital read-out

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Waeco Absorption / 3-Way Fridges

Waeco 3-Way Absorption

Silent and truly mobile, absorption coolers give camping enthusiats all the freedom they need. Gas operation in a remote field, convenient 240V hook-up at the capsite, power supply from the 12V socket in cars or motorhomes - antyhing is possible! Switch over from one-energey mode to another in a jiffy! Whether gas, 12 or 240V, the referation system adjusts to suit your need s- Cooler, fridge and freezer models available.


Waeco 3-Way Fridges

  • Waeco CoolFun CA-35 - Up to 25° C below ambient - no freezer capability. Entry level cooler. 35L
  • Dometic RC1600EGP- Up to 25° C below ambient - no freezer capability. Steel housing. 33L.
  • Dometic F400- Freezer capability. 39L fridge or freezer.
  • Dometic RC1180- Freezer capability. Combination 30L fridge and 16L freezer or 50L fridge/freezer with divider removed.



Waeco Thermoelectric Fridges

  • Low weight makes them easy to carry and transport.
  • Only cool up to 30° C below ambient. Sufficient for many purposes, but less capacity compared to CoolFreeze range (50° below)
  • Limited moving parts - wear and maintenance free
  • Can be used for cooling and heating.
  • Only suitable for small size coolers (up to 35L)
  • All operate on 12V DC, 24V DC or 240V AC.
  • Can be used in inclided position
  • Low investment cost

Waeco has 3 ranges of thermoelectric fridges.

  • Conventional Thermoelectric
    • Waeco CoolFun - Portable Coolers - Low-cost, light-weight (CoolFun S32, CoolFun W35)
    • Waeco BoardBar - For use in a vehicle. (BoardBar TB-08G, BoardBar TB-15G)
  • Thermoelectric with Intelligent Electronics
    • Waeco CoolPro - Higher performance units - better energy efficiency (TC-35FL, TC-21FL, TC-14FL)

Waeco Thermoelectric CoolFun and BoardBar

  • CoolFun S32 cools to 15°C below ambient. No heating. Incl 12V and 240V cable.
  • CoolFun W35 cools to 20°C below ambient. Up to 65°C heating. Includes battery cut-out protection ("Active Battery Security). Incl 12V and 240V cable.
  • BoardBar TB-08G cools to 20°C below ambient. Heats up to 55°C. 12V cable only.
  • BoardBar TB-15G cools to 20°C below ambient. Heats up to 55°C. 12V cable only. Includes battery cut-out protection ("Active Battery Security).


  • All CoolPro units come with 12V and 240V cables
  • Temperature regulation with LED display

Intelligent Power-Save Circuit

CoolPro cooler are great energy savers. As soon as the power is on, they cool at full capacity to reach the desired temperature. Once this has been achieve, they switch automatically to the power-save mode. In this mode, the Peltier element draws very little power. This gives rise to an insulation bridge that prevents heat from flowing into the cooling compartment.

Example: a convential cooler operate in the 12V mode consumed between 4 - 4.5Ah per hour to achieve an interior temperature of +5°C at an ambient temperature of +25°C, where the Waeco CoolPro TC-21FL makes do with just 2.1Ah per hour.

CoolPro Control

  • Improved interior ventilation
  • Wear-free fans
  • Cooling to 30°C below ambient
  • Heating up to +65°C.
  • 7-stage temperature regulation
  • Magnetic switch - turns off the interior fan when you open the cooler
  • Universal fixing kit (optional) available.

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Compare Waeco Model / Waeco Comparison

You can also do your own comparison including pricing from the catalog page - choose "add to compare" on the Waeco products you want to compare.

  Total Capacity Avg 12V Pwr (+5°C at 32°C) Below Ambient Operating Range  
Compressor - CF Series          
CF-110 106 2.1 50    
CF-80 80 or 42/72 2.9 50    
CF-60 59 0.83 50    
CF-50DZ 49 or 26/13 1.3 50    
CF-50 49 0.86 50    
CF-40 39 0.87 50    


31 0.85 50    
CF-25 23 0.84 50    
CF-18 18 0.53 50    
Compressor - CDF Series          
CDF-45 39 - 45    
CDF-35 31 0.85 45    
CDF-11 10.5 1.25 - +10° to -18°  
Absorption / 3-Way          
CoolFun CA-35 35 LPG 12g/h 25    
Dometic RC1600EGP 33 LPG 11g/h 25    
Dometic F400 39 LPG 19g/h -    
Dometic RC1180 50 LPG 19g/h -    
Thermoelectric - Intelligent          
Waeco CoolPro TC-35FL 35 1.6 30 +1° to +15° and +50° to +65°  
Waeco CoolPro TC-21FL 21 1.4 30 +1° to +15° and +50° to +65°  
Waeco CoolPro TC-14FL 14 1.6 30 +1° to +15° and +50° to +65°  
Thermoelectric - Basic          
CoolFun S32 32 - 15    
CoolFun W35 35 - 20    
BoardBar TB-08G 8 - 20    
BoardBar TB-15G 15 - 20    





How a Compressor 12V Fridge Works

Compressor cooling appliances work with a CFC-free refrigerant that changes from liquid to gas as it flows through the evaporate. In the process the evaporate extracts heat from the rerigeration compartment - it's getting cold. The compressor draws in the gaseous rerigerant, compresses it and passes it on the condenser. Here the absorbed heat is released in to the atmosphere. The rerigerant changes to the original liquid state and flows back to the evaporate, where the cycle starts again. Click here for a more detailed explanation.

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How Absorption 3-Way Fridges Work

A solution of ammonia and water are heating in the boiler. The ammonia is driven off as a vapour. The vapour is condensed in to a liquid and feed in to the evaporate where it combines with hydrogen and evaporates thereby digesting heat. The mixture of ammonia and hydrogen pass thorugh the absorber where the aommonia is absorbed back in to the water. The recombined water and aommonia is then returned to the obiler so the process can continue. Click here for a more detailed explanation.

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How Thermoelectric 12V Fridges Work

Thermoelectric Diagram for Fridges

Thermoelectrics are based on the fact that cold or heat energy is generated when the connection between different types of metals is linked to a DC power source. The heating or cooling capacity is further enhanced by heat exchangers and air fars. It is well suited to small and medium-sized coolers.