Installation Guide

An overview of the methods available for installing your fridge.

Portable fridges are made to be just that; portable. They have solid handles, are relatively light weight for moving from vehicle to campsite and back again, and can be easily stored in the back of a car or camper when travelling on the road.

But what if you’re heading somewhere that’s going to give it a bit of a rough ride? There are a range of installation options for the avid off-roader, or for those simply looking to make their portable fridge a more permanent fixture.


Tie Down Kits

Most fridge manufacturers have what’s known as a ‘Tie Down Kit’ available. Tie Down kits are generally a set of four straps that can be attached to your fridge’s tie down points (most commonly the handles; check your fridge specs to be sure) to secure it to your vehicle. Brackets are also available that can be permanently attached to the vehicle and used as anchor points for the tie down kit.

Tie down kits are cheap, easy to use and can be fitted and used with just about any vehicle.




Fridge slides are a great way to mount your fridge into the back of your vehicle, whilst still maintain easy access to the contents inside. A fridge slide is a solid metal frame that you can secure your fridge into using a tie down kit and lock down tight, ensuring it won’t go anywhere while you’re travelling. When unlocked, this frame then allows the fridge to slide out, like a drawer, letting you easily access your fridge without having to remove it from the vehicle at all.

Slides come in two varieties; the standard slide which slides out towards the shorter end, and a ‘Sideways’ slide that slides out towards the longer end.


Drop Slides

If you’ve got a high vehicle, or are vertically challenged, and using a standard fridge slide is going to give you a good look at the side of the fridge and that’s about it, then a Drop Slide will be well suited to you. A drop slide features all the same functions as a standard slide, but also has the ability to lift the fridge up and down once extended, giving you easy access to the fridge.

For information on choosing the right Drop Slide for your fridge, see MSA's Specifications Guide (pdf).


Slide Lok

A Slide Lok is a bit of a deceptive name, as it isn’t a slide at all. It’s actually a mounting plate that you bolt to your vehicle floor, which the fridge then locks in to, offering a more permanent residence for your portable fridge in the back of your vehicle, and ensuring the fridge will be nice and secure during travel. The Slide Lok removes the need for tie down kits, allows the fridge to easily be clipped and unclipped from the unit, but also requires the Slide Lok to become a permanent part of your vehicle.




How a Fridge Slide Works

MSA Drop Slide



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