Kipor Generators

Kipor Generators

Stable Pure Sine Wave Output For Maximum Protection

Kipor Digital Inverter Generator

Why Choose Kipor?

  • Reliable power generation
  • Substantial saving over other leading brands
  • Pure sine wave output for sensitive appliances
  • Over a decade experience in small generators
  • Exported to 130 countries
  • Quality network of service agents throughout Australia
  • Comprehensive 2 year warranty

Why Buy From Us?

  • Lowest prices guaranteed
  • Same day dispatch
  • Capped price $11.95 delivery
  • Official Kipor Generator dealer
  • Authentic Kipor accessories (not subsitutes)
  • 100% secure shopping guaranteed

Kipor VS "The Rest"

Kipor generators offer amazing value for money. They're priced sharper than their Yamaha or Honda counterparts - putting portable power in reach of every budget.

Great for campers, DIYers, home use, and emergency situations.

If you need portable mains power from time-to-time, but don't want the big upfront investment - a Kipor generator is the way to go.

Kipor Digital Inverter Generators

Why Use A Kipor Generator?

Kipor generators are popular for:

  • Camping - running mains power appliances
  • Caravanning - power up your van and air conditioner when independent camping
  • Tradies - giving you power on any site


Kipor Digital Inverter Generators

Kipor generators feature high efficiency, petrol, air cooled engines. They include a smart power management system to provide optimal fuel economy - matching power output to that demanded by the appliances.

All generator motors vary in their speed and output with things like ambient conditions and the load. Traditional, non-inverter generators use an AC motor, that directly outputs the power to the appliance - so the appliance receives a varying quality of power. Modern, inverter generators use a DC motor that is then fed through a digital inverter to produce clean, consistent power all of the time.


Kipor Silent Inverter Generators

Kipor generators include high performance "sine wave" digital inverter technology. This gives you high quality, high output, stable electricity perfectly suited for even the most sensitive electronic appliances such as computers, iPads, and smart phones.


Easy to Handle

The Kipor range of portable inverter generators are easy to handle. The generators up to 2.6 kVa are an easy one-man lift, and the generators 3.0 kVa and larger are fitted with wheels and a handle for easy transport. Kipor have a unique model in their line-up - the Kipor GS2600H 2.6 kVa generator - which is fitted with a set of rear wheels and a telescoping carry handle (much like a suitcase). Popular for situations where you need a decent size generator, and also need to move it often.



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