Primus Fridges

Primus Fridges

Primus fridges offer an affordable alternative to other leading brands. With thick insulation, and the powerful Polar compressor, these 12v fridges suit the most demanding applications. Primus fridges are available in 4 models from 40L to 80L, with the unique Primus 60L Duo model featuring twin lids to separate the fridge and freezer sections. Primus fridges can run on 12V, 24V or 240V, so you can have cold drinks and food no matter where you are.

Primus have been established in the camping market since 1892 and are known for their reliability and quality products. Did you know that when Roald Amundsen trekked to the South Pole in 1911, and when Sir Edmund Hillary and Norgay Tenzing sumitted Mount Everest in 1952, Primus stoves cooked their food and kept them hydrated by melting snow!

The Primus Series III fridge/freezer continues Primus' exceptional reputation.

Primus Fridges - Product Range Overview

Primus 40L Fridge/Freezer

Everday Marvel

Great size for touring. Fits in any size vehicle and is super easy to handle, even fully loaded.

Operates as a fridge or a freezer, features efficient compressor motor and stainless steel cabinet.

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Primus 60L Fridge/Freezer

Mid-Size Versatility

Versatile size for camping, touring or everyday use.

Still able to fit in most vehicles, and great for built-in applications (e.g. on slides) too.

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Primus 60L Duo Fridge and Freezer

Twin Lids

Separate lids means less cold air escapes when you open them. This improves performance and reduces battery usage.

Operates as a fridge AND a freezer at the same time.

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Primus 80L Fridge/Freezer

Long Trips

Great for the camper trailer, back of the wagon or ute. Lends itself to installation on slides for easy access. Huge internal space means you can get away for longer, while still performing economically in all conditions.

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Wireless Temperature Read Out

Take the guess work out of refrigeration performance with this unique LED wireless remote temperature read out. Simply plug the display into your cigarette lighter or into any other 12 volt DC power supply and the fridge/freezer temperature will be updated every 2 minutes. When used with the Duo model, both cabinet temperatures will be displayed. The display unit also shows the voltage used and provides a guide as to the condition of your battery. This all happens automatically and sliently when you are travelling or by placing your dipslay unit into a sutiable 12V DC power supply within 12 metres of the fridge. No more arriving at your destintaion with your beer frozen or food spoiled.

Thick Insulation

Feature 50mm thick polyurethane insulation, prevents the cold escaping, giving you better performance from the compressor, shorter run times, and more battery life - keeping your food and drinks cooler - for longer!

In-Built 240V AC + 12/24V DC Power Supply

All Primus Fridges feature a built-in power supply which allows the fridge to operate from eitehr 240V AC or 12/24V DC power, while on the move or set up at camp. You can have both AC and DC power plugs going at the same time so that in the event the AC power goes off, the fridge automatically swiches over to DC power. Should AC power come back on again, then the fridge switches back to AC power automatically.

Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel

As with all modern kitchen appliances today - stainless steel has proven to be a superior material for durrability and for its easy clean finish. Primus Fridge/Freezers feature an ultra strong stainless steel case which is corrosion proof and has a unique fingerprint resistant finish to keep your fridge looking new, and easy to clean. In year to come your pirmus fridge will remain looking as good as the day you bought it.

Adjustable Battery Cut-Out

While travelling with any portable fridge/freezer it is important to keep enough power in your vehicle's batteries to ensure it starts when you decide to drive. That's why Primus Fridges feature an adjustable battery cut out to protect your vehicle's battery. You can set th epower to cut out at 10.0, 10.7 or 11.8 volts DC. Once the power in your battery drops to the selected level, the fridge will turn off, ensuring power is retained for vehicle starting. Yourselected voltage level for hte power to cut out is retained in the controller's memory for the next time the fridge is used. The battery cut out level can be adjusted anytime.

Whisper Quiet Operation

Primus fridges feature a Polar Compressor which provides near silent, reliable operation. Due to its clever design the Hermetic style compressor provides the quietest possible operation and an extremely low level of vibration. Whether in your vehicle or set up at camp, you will not be disturbed by the fridge's operation.

Open Lid Alarm

When camping or travelling int he great outdoors, power consumption of your fridge while running on 12 volt DC operation is of the utmost important not only for your battery but also for the ongevity of your food. That's why every Primus Fridge/Freezer is fitted with an audible open lid alarm to remind you that the fridge has not been closed. So you can rest assured, knowing that when the fridge alarm goes off - your food won't!

Polar Compressor

Purpose built design and thousands of hours of testing ensure the polar Compressor is ultra reliable and suited for the rigors of vehicle use. Even in extreme Four Wheel Driving, the Polar Compressor performs perfectly on uneven ground at angles up to 35 degrees. Relax and enjoy your stay while the Polar Compressor works quietly to keep your fridge cabinet cold.

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