Size Guide

How to choose the right portable fridge size for your needs

Not only do portable fridges come in a wide range of makes and models, but there are also many different sizes to choose form as well. All portable fridges are measured in Litres (L), but this doesn’t really help when you’re trying to gauge the physical capacity of a fridge and what you can store in it. So, if you’re having trouble deciding which sized fridge is right for you, then read on.


Relative Measurement – “Cans”

Measuring in Litres is really only helpful if you plan on using your fridge as a wading pool or a baby bath (neither of which we recommend) – it doesn’t really help you get a sense of the physical space available.

So instead, we’re going to take a page from Waeco’s book and use an unconventional unit of measurement we’re all familiar with – cans. By using a relative item, such as a soft drink can or a beer can, we can help you get a picture of just how much space is in a specific sized fridge.



25L & Under

25L or smaller fridges are primarily built as highly mobile coolers – good for keeping small amounts of food or drinks cold. They’re well suited for taking to picnics and parties, or to store the daily needs of a single person.

A 25L fridge will hold approx. 27 cans.



The 35L size range tend to be built as proper, chest style portable fridges. These are great for a week’s camping by a single person, or for a couple over a weekend.

A 35L fridge will hold approx. 47 cans.



The bulk of portable fridges are made up of the 40L size, and are often referred to as a ‘standard’ portable fridge, given their popularity. The 40L size range is perfect for a couple or family of 3 over a long weekend away.

A 40L fridge will hold approx. 60 cans.



50L models are well suited to couples looking to make a week-long trip, with enough space to suit a family of 4 over a long weekend.

A 50L fridge will hold approx. 72 cans.


60 – 65L

A family of 4 or 5 looking to stay for longer than a long weekend will want to look at a 60 or 65L option as a minimum. This size range is also good for using at something like the local kids soccer game to store drinks and snacks for the team.

A 65L fridge will hold approx. 106 cans.



If you’re taking the family or a group of friends away for a long stint of a week or more, or if you’ve got a couple of families heading out for a weekend, an 80L size or larger is worth looking at. They are also a good entry size for businesses that need to transport cold or frozen products around in a vehicle.

An 80L fridge will hold approx. 120 cans.