• Engel Smart Battery Box Released


    Engel have released their own powered battery box - known as the Engel Smart Battery Box. We have them in stock here at a special introductory price!

    Engel Smart Battery Box



    • "Time Tracker" Power Management LCD Screen.
    • Built in 6 amp 12 volt to 12 volt Smart Charger.
    • Built in 150 watt Modifed Sine Wave (MSW) inverter for running small 240 volt appliances.
    • Anderson plug 50 Amp.
    • Engel posi-fit 12volt outlet.
    • Cigar socket / accessory plug 10 amp.
    • USB outlet 5 volt for charging portable devices.
    • External terminals for easy access for charging

    Supplied with

    • Car Charger. A basic DC-DC transformer which produces a constant 24VDC. One end has a cigarette lighter plug which you plug into your vehicle, and the other end is a small cylindrical fitting which plugs into the smart battery box. The smart battery box's internal smart charger regulates the voltage/current to give you a complete charge.
    • (This in itself is not a smart charger, but combined with the smart battery box gives you smart charging capability).

    Optional - check out the RELATED PRODUCTS in the side bar:

    • 240 volt smart┬ácharger - so you can recharge at home using mains power.
      • You can use a 240V smart charger by connecting it to the post fittings. This bypasses the internal smart charger in the battery box (so you don't have two smart devices battling each other).
    • 240V to 12V DC power supply
      • A cheaper option than using a full smart charger, is to use a simple 240VAC-12VDC power converter. This gives you a 12V cigarette lighter socket at home. Then you can plug in the supplied car charger, then plug into the smart baterry box. This gives you complete smart charging capabilities.
    • Solar Panels
      • Using a set of solar panels with a regulator, you can recharge the smart battery box. Connect the solar panels' regulator output to the post terminals of the smart battery box. This overrides the internal smart charger, and relies on the solar regulator to completely charge the battery.



    • This product is not supplied with the battery. For best results use a deep-cycle AGM battery.
    • Internal dimensions for battery are 180mm W x 330mm L x 328mm H.
      • The RITAR RA-120SD AGM Deep Cycle battery is recommended.


    • Install a battery into the box.
    • Plug the supplied car charger into your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket, and the other end into the battery box
    • While the engine is running, the battery box will be charged via the built-in smart charger. This gives you a much higher level of charge than charging directly.
    • Plug your fridge into the battery box.
    • When you stop the vehicle, the fridge will continue to run from the battery box, and also prevent your starter battery from being flattened.

    For best results, charge the battery box from a mains power source prior to use. Suitable units are listed in the related products area to the left.

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