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  • EvaKool Fridges

    EvaKool fridges are well known throughout Australia. They manufacture some of their models in Caloundra QLD Australia (fibreglass RF and plastic FridgeMate series), and also import some cheaper units from China to compete with the Waeco style models.

    EvaKool fridges have a custom designed and trademarked refrigeration foam injected into the moulds. The designs of their high end models are specifically suited to the Australian climate, and don't need additional insulation like a bag.

    EvaKool fridges have a 5 year warranty, and backed up by service agents across Australia.

    EvaKool fridges have a fridge to suit any budget. Their TravelMate series is entry level from $515, to their popup fibreglass series at around $1,000.

    EvaKool fridges are great for camping, caravanning, touring 4WDing, fishing, boating, parties and anywhere you need a fridge!

    Owning an EvaKool fridge will give peace of mind for years to come.

  • EvaKool TravelMate Fridge/Freezers

    We now stock the complete range of EvaKool TravelMate fridge/freezers.

    These are the entry level fridges, and are the cheapest units available from a reputable supplier. They look much like a Waeco fridge and EvaKool's KoolMate range which is very similar too.

    They don't use the Danfoss compressor - which is pretty much industry standard - but use a cheaper unit from Domus. The warranty is 2 years on the units, compared with 5 years for the rest of EvaKool's gear.

    They represent good value for money, and have EvaKool's service network to back them.

    If you were considering purchasing a no-name Chinese eBay special, get this instead. It will probably cost you a bit more, but you're dealing with a reputable local company who will look after you if you have any issues.

  • EvaKool KoolMate Fridge/Freezers

    We now stock the complete range of EvaKool KoolMate fridge/freezers.

    These units look very much like a Waeco fridge - grey plastic compartment with plastic lid. They are fitted with a quality Danfoss compressor. They're a bit cheaper than the Waeco's and are backed up by EvaKool's network of service agents.

    • EvaKool KoolMate / IB 31L
    • EvaKool KoolMate / IB 40L
    • EvaKool KoolMate / IB 50L

    The units are fully made overseas. There is an insulative bag available for them too.

    The "KoolMate" name refers to the same range of EvaKool fridges as the "IB" range.

  • EvaKool FridgeMate Fridge/Freezers

    We now stock the complete range of EvaKool FridgeMate Fridge/Freezers - the iconic yellow fridges!

    The plastic casing is extremely robust, and resistant to dents and scratches. So is great for places like the back of the ute, where it's going to cop a bit of a hard life.

    The insulation of the boxes is incredibly effective, giving EvaKool its reputation for decent coolers in Australia.

    The fridge boxes are made overseas, and the fridge component - the compressor and controls are installed in Australia.

    The compressor unit is bolted on to the side of the box - just like the EvaKool Fibreglass (RF) Series, giving it that "basic" appearance. The newly released 60L unit does have a more integrated look where the compressor is housed inside the one moulding. But again, like the fibreglass units, the bolt-on approach makes service much simpler.

    The EvaKool FridgeMate Fridge/Freezer comes in a number of sizes

    • EvaKool FridgeMate 55L
    • EvaKool FridgeMate 60L - new model
    • EvaKool FridgeMate 70L
    • EvaKool FridgeMate 95L
  • EvaKool Fibreglass Fridge/Freezers (RF Series)

    EvaKool Fibreglass Fridge/Freezers (RF Series)

    The EvaKool Fibreglass Fridge/Freezers (RF Series) are the top-of-the-range models. With extremely thick walls, filled with a customised refrigeration foam (especially designed by EvaKool themselves), these units do not need a bag to help with insulation. This means they are easier to access. The fibreglass construction inside and out is non-porous - meaning it won't absorb smells, and is very easy to clean.

    The EvaKool Fibreglass Fridge/Freezers come in the following sizes -

    • EvaKool Fibreglass 40L
    • EvaKool Fibreglass 47L
    • EvaKool Fibreglass 60L
    • EvaKool Fibreglass 85L
    • EvaKool Fibreglass 110L
    • EvaKool Fibreglass 150L (Fridge Only)

    They are all fitted with Danfoss compressors. The 40-60L units have the Danfoss BD35 compressor. And the 85-150L units have the BD50 compressor

    They are all made in QLD Australia. Fibreglass is laid up in their Caloundra factory.

    While the fibreglass compartment is a beautiful, sleek look, the compressor unit is basically bolted onto the side - giving it a somewhat awkward look compared to many other fridge brands. However, it is ultimately practical, making any service needs cheaper - as access is much simpler.

    The controls are mechanical (not digital) - ie for the temperature control setting you turn a knob to an indicator level - not a specific temperature. This again keeps things very simple, less to go wrong, and easy to service. There is an option for a digital control panel upgrade. The standard mechanical setup can withstand much more moisture than the digital panels can - e.g. if you leave outside in the rain or get spray on it, it is likely to last longer.

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