• EvaKool FridgeMate Fridge/Freezers

    We now stock the complete range of EvaKool FridgeMate Fridge/Freezers - the iconic yellow fridges!

    The plastic casing is extremely robust, and resistant to dents and scratches. So is great for places like the back of the ute, where it's going to cop a bit of a hard life.

    The insulation of the boxes is incredibly effective, giving EvaKool its reputation for decent coolers in Australia.

    The fridge boxes are made overseas, and the fridge component - the compressor and controls are installed in Australia.

    The compressor unit is bolted on to the side of the box - just like the EvaKool Fibreglass (RF) Series, giving it that "basic" appearance. The newly released 60L unit does have a more integrated look where the compressor is housed inside the one moulding. But again, like the fibreglass units, the bolt-on approach makes service much simpler.

    The EvaKool FridgeMate Fridge/Freezer comes in a number of sizes

    • EvaKool FridgeMate 55L
    • EvaKool FridgeMate 60L - new model
    • EvaKool FridgeMate 70L
    • EvaKool FridgeMate 95L

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