• Waeco CF-40 Review

    Review of the Waeco CF-40 Fridge/Freezer. 37L capacity.

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    • Easy to use operating panel
    • Quick chill function
    • 50°C below ambient
    • "Best Compact Fridge" by Australian 4WD Magazine
    • High performance, low power consumption
    • 5 year warranty on compressor
    • 3 year warranty on everything else
    • 3-stage battery protection

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  • Waeco CF80 Review

    Watch this review of the Waeco CF-80 12V fridge/freezer.

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    Waeco CF-80 is very quiet, which makes it great for installation in camper trailers where it will be installed under, or near your main bed. Installation of the Waeco CF-80 in the camper trailer is very simple using a Waeco slide or universal fixing kit.

    This Waeco review explains the battery protection feature with 3x low-voltage cut-out settings allowing you to choose the balance between power consumption and running times. If you're setup on a dual battery system, you can set the battery cut-out to "Low" drawing more power from the battery before disconnection. However, if you're running from your car's starter battery, you would set the battery cut-out to "High", so you never draw too much power from the starter battery such that it would be unable to crank.

    The Waeco CF-80 fridge features a removable divider in the main area to give you the option to have both a fridge and a freezer at the same time.

    The Waeco CF-80 and CF-110 feature the larger, German-built, Danfoss AC compressor with inverter technology -  which never runs flat-out, but instead runs proportionate to the required cooling temperature.

    The Waeco CF-80 is incredibly popular for camper trailer setups, 4WDs, off-road adventures.

    The Waeco CF-80 is a large fridge and not really suited to being moved from vehicle to vehicle, unless carried by two people, or by using a small wheeled trolley.

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