Waeco Battery Pack - 44 Ah


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12V Battery Pack for compressor fridge/freezers
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Product Description

Product Description


12V Battery Pack for compressor fridge/freezers


44Ah Battery pack for compressor fridge/freezers

Genuine WAECO manufactured rugged deep-cycle battery with superior discharge/charging cycle capability. Heavy duty 12 volt remote power. 



Specifications below refer to older RAPS36 pack, but the RAPS44 is similar, just higher capacity

Features include

  • cigarette and hella style sockets
  • digital volts display
  • empty and full LED lights at the press of a button
  • secure screw connection for your charging lead
  • charging posts for easy connection to WAECO electronic chargers. 
  • The inside features genuine 44 Ah deep-cycle AGM battery cells, thick plates for reserve energy storing with high density active paste material and stronger acid than conventional car batteries for degradation resistance. These features allow for a longer life in deep-cycle applications, allowing you to run your fridge for longer without damaging the battery

Dimensions; D227 x W230 x H245 mm.

Weight: 13.6kg approx.

  • Secure screw connectioncharging socket.
  • 1.5 m charging Lead
  • Maximum charging current: 14.4A 
  • Built-in charging posts for charging via optlonal 240 volts to DC charger.

Operating Capacity

CDF / CF18 to CF60  Fridge Only         27-30 hours
CDF / CF18 to CF60  Freezer Only      10-14 hours
CF80 and CF110       Fridge/Freezer    9-11 hours

Charging Options

  • From your vehicle's cigarette socket (or preferrably the Waeco RAPS12R-U charge kit)
  • From a mains power charger (sold separately) - a 6A or 8A charger is recommended, with a maximum 12A. (Always choose a smart charger with an automatic cut-out).


Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Waeco
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