Waeco CoolPro 21L


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Waeco CoolPro TC-21FL
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Product Description

Product Description


Waeco CoolPro TC-21FL


Mobility, performance and convenience - these are the hallmarks of the WAECO CooiPro series. State-of-the-art thermoelectrics make for outstanding cooling results up to 30C below the ambient temperature. Add to this all the useful features and functions: 12/24/240 volts DC/AC as standard, individual temperature regulation with LED display and memory function, to name but a few. At the touch of a button the coolers (+1C to +15C) can be turned into warmer boxes (+50C to +65C). WAECO CoolPro - the comfort class of thermoelectric refrigeration. Perfect down to the last detail- product benefits of the CoolPro series Highly effective Insulation. Outstanding energy efficiency Dynamic Interior ventilation. Significantly improved cooling performance Wear-free fane. Long service life Intelligent power-seve circuit . Electronics switch automatically to power-save mode once the desired interior temperature has been reached (for TC-14FL, TC-21 FL and TC-35FL, p. 30- 31). 12124/240 volts aa standard. With priority circuit for 2.40 volta Heat exchanpr and high-perfonnance Peltier element. Cooling performance up to 30C below ambient temperature! MaJn8tlc switch. Switches the interior fan off when you open the cooler Universal fixing kit. (optional) for TC-14FL, TC-21FLand TC-35FL TC special electronics with soft-touch operating panel Provide refrigeration up to 3oc below the ambient temperature and heating up to +65C. Using the soft-touch operating panel, you can set the desired temperature in seven stages each: from + 1c to+ 1sc in the cooling mode, or from +50C to +65C in the heating mode. The memory function saves the last set parameters. Heating up to +6sc. LED temperature display. Memory function saves the last settings. Cooling up to 3oc below ambient temperature. 7-stage temperature regulation for cooling and heating. Membrana keypad protects the electronics from dust and moisture. ContentB, apecificatione Family size cooler For use in cars, trucks, boats, camping , BBQ's, poolside or just about anywhere. Runs on a 12 Volt cigarette lighter plug or 240 Volt mains. Light to carry and super tough. Individual temperature regulation with LED read-out and memory function are all Award-winning features of the TC-FL range. The convenience standards of mobile refrigeration have once again been redefined. CoolPro coolers are great energy savers. As soon as the power is on, they cool at full capacity to reach the desired temperature. Once this has been achieved, they switch automatically to the power-save mode. In this mode, the Peltier element draws very little power. This gives rise to an insulation bridge that prevents heat from flowing into the cooling compartment. Example: a conventional cooler operated in the 12 volt mode consumes between 4 and 4.5 Ah per hour to achieve an interior temperature of +5C at an ambient temperature of +25C, the WAECO CoolPro TC-21 FL makes do with just 2.1 Ah per hour.


Polyurathane full-foam insulation


Wear-free thermoelectrics (Peltier system), cold trensmiesion to the interior by dynamically ventilated aluminium heat exchanger, heat dissipation to the outside by high-performance heat exchanger and brush lass, wear-free fan


Sturdy injectlon moulded parts


Dark grey/pale grey


TC special electronics: 7-stage electronic thermostat with LED lndlclrtoB, memory function, ON/OFF and cold/warm option activlrted with soft-touch operating panel, intelligent power-save circuit. Integrated mains supply unit with priority circuit, outstanding cooling performance, magnetic switch to deactivate the lntertorfan when the box is opened, detachable lid with magnetic closure,eturdy; fold-away handle




1 year warranty on everything

Tech Specs

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Waeco
Product Code/Number TC21FL
Series CoolPro
Cooling Type Thermoelectric
Style Chest
Capacity (L) $21.00
Main Compartment Capacity 21
Secondary Compartment Capacity No
Dairy Compartment Capacity No
Capacity (cans) No
Dual Temperature Zones No
Number of Sections 1
Sections description No
Freezer Capability Yes
Power Sources 12V DC
Power Input (Watts) approx. 55 watts at 12 volts DC approx. 60 watts at 24 volts DC approx. 80 watts at 240 volts AC;
12V Average Running Time 32% at 20 deg C ambient temperature.
12V Power Consumption (avg. amps/hr) 1.46 amps/hr
100Ah Battery Would Last 34 hours (1.4 days)
Power Consumption Description No
Ambient Temperature Operating Range Cooling capacity: Up to 30C below ambient to 1C minimum Warming Capacity: Up to 65C
Cooling Range 1C - 65C
Compressor Type 0
LPG Consumption (g/hr) No
9kg LPG bottle would last 0
Insulation No
Construction Material No
Colour No
Weight (kg) 6
Dimensions - External 450W x 303D x 420H
Dimensions - Internal 319W x 208D x 352H
Warranty 1 year on everything
Scope of Delivery No
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