Waeco Instruction Manual

Waeco Instruction Manuals for the CoolFreeze Range CF18, CF25, CF35, CF40, CF50, CF50DZ, CF60

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Selected Extracts:

The device is equipped with a multi-level battery monitor that protects your vehicel battery against excessive discharging when the device is connected to the on-board 12/24V supply.

I fhte cooler is operated when the vehicle ignition is switch off, the cooler switches off  automatically as the supply voltage falls below a set level. The cooler will switch back on once the battery has been recharged to the restart voltage level.

Note - during low votlage (modelsl CF35, CF40, CF50, CF60) when switced off by the battery monitor, the digitial display goes blank and the power LED flashed amber.

Displayed Temperatures

CF25, CF35, CF40, CF50, CF60 (No CF50DZ)

The temperature displayed is that of the middle of the large interior compartment.


i. With plastic dividers in: the display temperature is that of the middle of the freezer compartment (Furthest away from control panel)

ii. WIth plastic dividers removed: the actual compartment temperature will be considerably warmer than the displayed temperature.

All Models

Temperature elsewhere in the compartment (Away from center) will deviate from the displayed temperature.

Defrosting the Cooler

Humidity can form frost in the interior of the cooling device or on the evaporator. This reduces the cooling capacity. Defrost the device in good time to avoid this.

Replace the device fuse (240V)

Only CF35, CF40, CF50, CF60

  1. Pull off the connection cable
  2. Pry out the fuse insert with a scredrivr
  3. Replace the defective fuse with a new one that has the same rating (T4, 0Al 250V)
  4. Press the fuse insert back into the housing.

Replace the plug fuse (12V / 24V)

  1. Pull the adapter sleeve off of the plug
  2. Unscrew the screw out of the upper half of the housing
  3. Carefully raise the upper half of the housing from the lower
  4. Take out the contact ping
  5. Replace the defective fuse with a new one that has the same rating (8A 32V)
  6. Re-assemble the plug in reverse order.

Functions and Feature Differences within the Waeco CoolFreeze Range

Waeco Function Description


Scope of Delivery / List of Inclusions

Waeco Scope of Delivery


Waeco Low-Voltage Cut-Outs

Waeco Low-Voltage Cutouts