Yamaha Generators

Yamaha Generators

Reliable. Affordable. Guaranteed.

Yamaha Silent Inverter Generator

Why Choose Yamaha?

  • Best value for money. 20%+ better than Honda
  • Fuel cut-off switch - allows you to bleed the lines and reduces dirty build-up.
  • Leading brand in small engines
  • Quality components throughout
  • Quality network of service agents throughout Australia
  • Comprehensive 4 year warranty

Why Buy From Us?

  • Lowest prices guaranteed
  • Same day dispatch
  • Capped price $11.95 delivery
  • Official Yamaha dealer
  • Authentic Yamaha accessories (not subsitutes)
  • 100% secure shopping guaranteed

Yamaha VS Honda Generators

Yamaha generators match or exceed Honda specifications in every area - including warranty and after-sales service.

The smart money's on the Yamaha every time.

Yamaha Portable Silent Inverter Generators

Why Use A Yamaha Generator?

Yamaha generators are popular for:

  • Camping - running mains power appliances
  • Caravanning - power up your van and air conditioner when independent camping
  • Tradies - giving you power on any site


Yamaha Silent Generators

Yamaha generators use a "slient" technology which means you won't upset your neighbours - whether at home, on the job site, or camping.


Yamaha Inverter Generators

Yamaha portable inverter generators produce "clean" AC mains power. This means that any appliance you plug into the generator is protected for varying voltages and spikes etc.

All generator motors vary in their speed and output with things like ambient conditions and the load. Traditional, non-inverter generators use an AC motor, that directly outputs the power to the appliance - so the appliance receives a varying quality of power. Modern, inverter generators use a DC motor that is then fed through a digital inverter to produce clean, consistent power all of the time.


Easy to Handle

The Yamaha range of portable inverter generators are easy to handle. The generators up to 2.4 kVa are an easy one-man lift, and the generators 3.0 kVa and larger are fitted with wheels and a handle for easy transport.


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